The Cognitive Distortions of Founders
Michael Dearing

Interesting read Michael. Thanks. I just have to wonder, however, if your cause and effect are reversed. You seem to be attributing these “cognitive distortions” of founders to some super-hero Spider-man sixth sense.

Could there be a rational explanation? At the founding of a business, the person birthing it holds the entire picture in his or her brain and executes a spherical plan in linear pieces. The process of doing this hones an integrative capacity as well as an execution proclivity. The net effect is that the googles are crafted during this time. No one else has this full range of vision and experience in the business.

On one hand, this makes the founder extraordinarily important. On the other hand, it can handicap the scaling of the business as the founder becomes a bottleneck. The best founders actively work to replace themselves with talented people who bring their unique contribution to the business as well.

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