Do Something Fun

For this week’s project, I had to do something fun that I was not already planning to do anyway. I sat down and thought about what kind of fun activities I have yet experienced, and I thought, “Why not play a video game that everyone says it’s fun?”. I have always enjoyed playing games, but I never had a chance of playing famous PC/MAC games, probably because you need to pay for them in order to play. So I went to my computer, and googled “Most popular game”. A bunch of sites gave me a list of popular games, and I realized that all of them had <World of Warcraft> and <Call of Duty> in the top 3. I’ve seen my friends play Call of Duty before, so I decided to go with World of Warcraft.

WoW Launcher and Setup on my Mac Desktop

Fortunately, WoW (World of Warcraft) had a 30-day free trial, so all I had to do was download the launcher. I signed up for Blizzard,, and downloaded WoW launcher.

When I logged in, I found that the game is much more complex than I thought, and I had to really learn from the manuals. First, I chose a server called Dalaran, then created a character. (All of the characters were ugly, so I did my best to choose something most human-like). I also had to choose their class, and I chose Wizard. I also named it “Cake in Ocean”, from the music that was playing (Cake by the Ocean) while I made this character. Thus, the perfect improvisation role playing!

My first character

This RPG (Role Playing Game) consisted of small quests that I had to complete. Every time I completed a quest, the bar in the bottom would increase, and I would have a level-up. As levels went up, my character became stronger, and the fighting skills more visual and colorful. I was only going to play for few minutes, but I ended up playing for few hours. Time flew fast while in the alternate universe!!

I don’t know what I did, but a big bird came and gave my character a ride.
Colors and building graphics were amazing

Just to add a little fun, I video taped the scene while I was playing. I thought the songs by Woodkid goes well with the all the graphics from this game:

I’m still learning how to play the games, but I think I had a great time with all the quests and fantastic visualizations.

Mind Map (image and summary)

To start a mindmap exploring domains of health and well being, I went to a nearby bagel place. I knew that it’s always better to have much visual resources in front of me, so I thought it would be better to go out to this project. I sat down and watched people eat, and with a salad and orange juice by my table, I started to brainstorm.

The first thing that came to my head was “Food”, obviously because I was well exposed to it. But I didn’t know where to go from there. So I tried to apply the theme to the things that I saw: I saw healthy food, colors that represent healthy food, and advertisements that show healthy lifestyle. I wrote them down on the right side of the map.

Then I thought about some invisible concepts that are related to health and well-being theme. As I looked around for hints, I found a yoga studio outside. So I thought about how yoga could relate to the theme of health and well-being. There, I came up with money, meditation, and exercise. I wrote these down on the left side of the map. Next, I wrote down the words that are related to these topics, as well as health and well-being theme. I did not write down those that were not related to health and well-being.

Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes

The three sub-themes that I would like to further explore are: Shower, Muscles, and Sleep Cycle. I chose these by the level of excitement I got from these. I had lots of images flowing in my head when I wrote these down, and I think it’s because I think about these often:

  1. Shower: this theme is interesting because it’s where all the hygiene and meditation happens. The moment I had shower on the mind-map, millions of images came up to my head: falling water, hot steam, different soaps and shampoos, and that small space where you sing and start/end your day. Shower is a ritual, and it influences your mental and physical health. It would be interesting to explore how I can make the showering process more efficient, and satisfying.
  2. Muscles: Body muscles are not necessarily the correspondent of health and well-being, yet so many visual representations use body muscle as an indicator of healthy body. I thought it would be interesting to see how people interpret muscular bodies and why. Also, I can think about some efficient, fun ways to build muscles that everybody wants.
  3. Sleep Cycle: Sleep is an important part of health and well-being, but not much is known to lay people. I know that some people need to sleep more than 10 hours, and some only sleeps 2–3 hours a day. These kind of discrepancies are mystery to me, and I would like to explore more: what does RAM sleep do to people? Do we need it? Then how do we influence ourselves with a product, so that we have more healthy sleep? Does our body need to sleep more than 8 hours? Then how can I arrange that with a product? There are many routes to explore with sleep cycle, and it’s very interesting because everyone, regardless of sex, age, even culture, need to sleep.

10 Silly Ideas

I had a severe cold last week, and many of my ideas came from making my life easier when I have a cold. This was a good inspiration, since they were all related to health and well-being. For example, I needed tissue to blow my nose everywhere I went, and I needed humidifier at night for my asthma. Overall, I think my sickness gave me lots of good ideas.

  1. Bathroom Mirror Wiper : to clean the water splashes out from the mirror

2. Pencil Case made out of Stocking: to hold many, different-sized tools

3. Pumping Toothpaste: to not have to open and close toothpaste cover everytime

4. Sanitizer Watch/ Wrist-Pocket-Tissue: to have and carry around sanitizer or tissue everywhere

5. Bed lamp humidifier: to have a humid atmosphere while sleeping

6. Remote Control Finder: the wheels that bring you back your remote control where ever you are, by your voice or an app

7. Humidifier Headphone: to breath humid air where ever you go (for people with asthma)

8. Mechanic Toothbrush: to click out your toothpaste out of toothbrush

9. Swiss make-up tools: to carry every make up tools in one pocket

10. Fireball pot holders and pot mats: to have cold hands when holding hot pots, or to have hot soup until the end of meal.