It’s a meaningful trip which we can explore various schools and educational institutions in both Amsterdam and Denmark to inspire us to take steps to innovate in our own schools. Our system is exam-oriented, and students and “parents” strive for high grades. We treasure “knowledges” so highly but sorry that we seldom apply them directly, or I shall say not much in our daily lives or related to the reality. We always focus on the books which are not updated enough to adopt to the ever-changing world. Shall we fine-tune our ways to teach, learn and grow with our students to equip them with suitable skills? After a certain years of schoolings, they will work and contribute to the society. Why shall we study? Why can’t they start to study, input their ideas and grow with the society? ??? quotes??? I believe if they have more involvements in where they live in their young ages, they love the community and the world more. They will be more lively and humane because they are a member of the area and the world.

The development of technology has been developing so swiftly and we have not known what the future world will be. For instance, AI will definitely replace lots of tedious and time-consuming work, for example, accounting and even lawyers’ job in the tens of years. How can low-able students survive? If high achievers, how far can they go? As a teacher, I personally think that our students are well deserved to know the real world and prepare themselves to confront and cope with the challenges ahead. Who are they? What can they do to create a better world? As coaches, we help them develop individually and socially, and equally important with good hearts. I believe that they will have a better life and can embrace the world.

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