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Securing your crypto is important. If you are planning to run a supernode on V Systems, you need to attach a wallet on the node as a signing key. A node operator should understand the risks on managing the signing wallet and securing the wallet with the fund of the supernode.

Before you begin, please prepare a full node and make sure it is synced to the latest height.

As described in the previous post, the installation of the V Systems node is too automated. Node operators always would like to have a better understanding behind the scene and apply…

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V Systems is an interesting project which has been under the radar for some time. It caught people’s eyes since the first “public appearance” of its creator, also the inventor of Proof-of-Stake, Sunny King earlier this month. To play around with V Systems, the best way is probably running a full node on their Testnet and play around with the RPC calls.

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Machine Learning has become a part of our daily life. We rely so much on the suggested results to reduce number of options to make our life easier. Everything becomes more efficient but in exchange users sacrifice data privacy to large tech corporations where they earn so much by selling the computed users data as product, while the owner of the data earn nothing.

Oasis Labs is trying to tackle this problem by developing every single step in a privacy first manner on a public blockchain where no single entity owns all data and the data owners can control how…

要在 Cosmos Hub 上實行一些操作,你必需擁有一些 ATOM 而在這之前你先要有一個屬於你自己的 Cosmos 地址。你可以透過不同方法建立 Cosmos 地址。

1. 利用手機錢包 — Cosmostation 錢包

Comostation 開發了一個 Cosmos 的手機錢包,有 iOSAndroid 版本。 他們也將這錢包完全開源。任何人都可以檢視所有源碼核實一下有沒有安全性問題。

一打開 Cosmostation 錢包,你會看到 “IMPORT” (導入) 或 “CREATE” (建立) 地址。現在要建立一個新的地址,點擊 “CREATE” 開始操作。然後它會要求你輸入一組 4 位數 + 1 字母的密碼。請確認你能記得這個密碼,往後你需要這密碼操作你的錢包。

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之後它會產生一組共 24 個助記詞。請記下這組助記詞並存放在安全的地方,這組 …

In order to do some operations on Cosmos Hub, you need to hold some ATOMs and the first thing you need to do is to create your own Cosmos address. There are many ways to create a Cosmos address.

1. Using a mobile wallet — Cosmostation Wallet

Cosmostation has developed a mobile wallet which has both iOS and Android versions. They have also open-sourced their codes so anyone can review them and verify if there are any security issues.

When you open the wallet the first time, it will ask you to “Import” or “Create” an address. Let’s create a new address by tapping “CREATE”. It will then…

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Forbole has voted “No” on proposal 4. The vote was committed in this transaction:

We voted “No” as we support the issuance of fungible tokens on Cosmos Hub but would like to see another implementation of the proposal.

We support issuance of fungible tokens on Cosmos Hub as:

  1. It will increase the number of transactions on Cosmos Hub before IBC and validators and delegators will have better economical benefits during this period.
  2. It creates a platform for Cosmos Ecosystem projects to raise fund by operating token sale on Cosmos Hub. …

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Forbole has voted NoWithVeto to proposal 5. We are very happy with exporting the state at height 500,000. However, we strongly disagree with these points in the proposal:

  1. The IPFS file stated wrong height at point 3 which can cause confusion.
  2. The genesis time of cosmoshub-2 is too close to the end of cosmoshub-1. The estimated block time of 500,000 will be around 22 Apr 14:40 UTC. It will be less than 3 hours from the proposed genesis time, which is 22 Apr 17:00 UTC. …

We are excited to announce the launch of the Big Dipper (beta), a Cosmos explorer, and it is also our contesting project for Cosmos HackAtom 3: The Validator Series.

The Big Dipper is an opensource explorer tool to monitor the status of any Cosmos compatible blockchain using the BPoS. We aim to provide a better user experience with nearly real-time response to show different information and metrics in different aspects regarding the network. We utilize different endpoints from Tendermint, Cosmos SDK and the Command Line Interface to aggregate data into a single web interface.

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Governance proposal details being updated on the Big Dipper in a very short time.

Currently, the Big Dipper offers the…

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Updated to testnet gaia-13007 on 5 Jan 2020. This guide is working as a reference for new comers.

Cosmos Hub has been launched in Mar 2019 and gaia v2.0 has been deployed on the mainnet. For any testing operations on the latest gaia software, they should be tested and practiced on the testnet. I try to write down the steps with explanations on how we connect to the gaia-13007 testnet and hope it can help those who want to join the network for the first time.

Before you start, join the Comsos Discord gaia channel.

Step 1. Setup a Server

First, you have to setup…

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We have started developing our business social network for a while. I recently showed our MVP to some business connections. After my introduction, a friend asked, “Is it another project running on Ethereum?”. “Definitely not.”, I answered. Instead, Forbole is developed with Cosmos SDK. Here are the reasons.

A Decentralized Ecosystem

Forbole Network is a business social network. There will be a lot user generated contents and user engagements. We aim to create a decentralized ecosystem which quantifies user engagements. Although Ethereum is the most popular platform for building ÐApps, the limited functionalities of Solidity and slow transaction speed on EVM cannot fulfill…

Kwun Yeung

Conductor of Forbole. Active blockchain explorer.

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