A Privileged Immigrant

Kay Xander Mellish
Apr 17, 2018 · 10 min read
Kay presenting at TedX Odense. Photo: Birk Kromann

Getting “Go’ Morgen” wrong

Business class immigrants

Business class immigrants aren’t always part of the migration conversation.

A luxurious choice

Why do privileged people immigrate?

Nobody comes to Denmark for the weather. Photo: Visit Denmark

The privileged immigrant’s responsibilities

Putting competitiveness aside

No best kid in the class

Being the smartest kid in the class is not encouraged in Denmark.

Job titles aren’t important in Denmark

He brought me the water himself

Nikolaj brought me a glass of water.

Basic values vs trivial values

Dressing for Danish nature

Kay presenting at TedX Odense — wearing pink. Photo: Balša Nenezić

Doing your research

The “How to Live in Denmark” podcast is free on Spotify and iTunes

Don’t idealize the new country

Scandinavian happiness. Photo: Visit Denmark

Don’t be a complainer

Choose a place where you can contribute

“How to Work in Denmark”, available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play
“How to Live in Denmark”, available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play

Kay Xander Mellish

Written by

Keynote speaker on Scandinavian culture. Author of “How To Live in Denmark”, “How to Work in Denmark” and the voice behind the How To Live in Denmark podcast.

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