Hi, in this article I will describe to you what KYC is, why you need it and how to get it to CRODO. So, first of all, let's understand what KYC is in order to understand why we need to pass it.

KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a general regulatory requirement that financial service providers are required to comply with. These inspections primarily deal with funding and money laundering. KYC is a key measure in anti-money laundering rules, making it an important security tool, especially for cryptocurrencies.

Most financial service providers accept customer data during the registration process before they can perform financial transactions. In some cases, accounts can be created without KYC, but their functions are limited.

Often when passing KYC, you may be asked to provide:

  • Driver's license

In rare cases, other documents may be listed before the KYC.

Although KYC increases the time it takes to create an account, the procedure has obvious advantages. Ordinary customers may not be able to see them, but KYC has a significant impact on the security of your funds and the fight against crime.

Why do you need to pass KYC CRODO?

First of all, if you are participating in an IDO from CRODO, you must pass KYC to receive your allocation. Also, if you are participating in the Ambassador's Program of this project, you also need to pass KYC to get the CROD tokens that you managed to earn during the Ambassador's Program.

To pass KYC you need to visit your office on the Krodo website.

Thank you for your attention, good luck!

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