Celebrating Video on Flipboard

Kyle Snarr
3 min readApr 18, 2017


Back at the very height of the experiential Flash microsite boom, I had the pleasure of doing some digital production for the team at Red Square Agency. Since that time, I’ve kept in close touch with its CEO, Rich Sullivan. As his agency evolved, so did my career. I now find myself on the platform side of things here at Flipboard. And Red Square is now comprised of multiple divisions, including RSQ, with digital and motion production teams of its own.

A couple weeks ago, I was delivered an envelope containing a beautifully-designed 2016 year in review portfolio brought to life with a retro newsprint approach. It was from RSQ — and I was completely inspired. I immediately reached out to Rich. My email entitled “Well…” continued by saying, “…I think I’m doing exactly what your newspaper concept (which I love) was designed to do… spark thought… and reach out.”

We reconnected quickly thereafter and swapped updates on the latest and greatest with work and family life. And just as the call concluded, Rich — being the savvy marketer that he is — asked, “Is there anything we can help you with there at Flipboard?” Despite having just been handed a fairly substantial assignment to create a sizzle reel celebrating the further integration of video into Flipboard, I quickly shrugged it off assuming RSQ was untouchable for a lean startup.

Rich continued to press, respectfully, yet firmly. Finally, I let the cat out of the bag and told him about the project I’d just been assigned. With zero hesitation, he immediately assured me. We got this. We got this. Look no further.

What I hadn’t realized was that RSQ, an agency with a 40 year lineage, is an ever-evolving entity. It has reinvented itself to run straight at the kinds of fast paced, hyper-creative projects that a modern tech start up requires. Once learning more about their setup of in-house talent and seeing how quickly Rich grokked exactly what we’re setting out to do here at Flipboard… I was completely… relieved.

Now, just a few weeks after having received a cool, cut-through-the-clutter mailer, I am super stoked to present video on Flipboard with this beautiful piece by RSQ, with original music by Chad Cuttill, and some supporting footage by Seth Dunlap.

With the recent release of our most powerful version of Flipboard yet, video is now being surfaced at the forefront of the UI through both algorithmic efforts and expert hand curation. Videos from the your favorite sources are preloaded and now play ambiently as you flip through all the topics you’re passionate about. The design, curation, and coding choices that have gone into this experience create a completely immersive experience allowing you to sink confortably into your personal primetime on mobile.

Finally, with video being evermore present across our platform… video advertising is now evermore native. Ads don’t feel like ads on Flipboard… they inform and inspire rather than invade and distract. So welcome to video on Flipboard! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Oh, and next time your agency debates whether to do another one of those mailers… you may want to give it a shot.



Kyle Snarr

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