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Businesses swamp themselves with projects, including projects to craft a software product, to add or upgrade a feature etc. And project itself has evolved, or people that continuously transform the way they work into something new and more effective for their works. Thus, we welcome the #noproject approach, which is a movement, philosophy, applying Agile philosophy, and it has been advocated by leaders in the software development world who place their faith in a Continuous Delivery Culture:

While there may be fluctuations in demand and effort, there should be a continuous allocation of resources to maintain, enhance and support most…

Hiring great people is difficult, but hiring great team to work remotely from your company is a real challenge.

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Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Startups have the most bustling workdays, and they are also more likely to make changes, which leads to regular changes in scopes of work and requirements for their products. This poses more challenges for geographically distributed tech teams to keep up with the pace of their companies.

This requires you as decision-makers to know what to look for and what determine if they are the right people to handle your products. We have some examples from our top performing teams that you might want to note down for your next recruitment:

1st, look at the team culture:

Working as a team can only work if the…

Not every company has the same way of working. Thus, synchronization is always an important success element for any collaboration.

To Agile companies, when working with traditional clients, it is not about urging their clients to adopt this methodology, it is rather about using Agile to build a collaborative working scheme, allowing the clients transform themselves with their vendors. And we have found this approach bringing back positive sentiments from our clients and maintain our developers’ sanity.

Understand the problems of clients:

In order to facilitate a smooth collaboration, understand the problems that clients are facing will let us understand how to use the Agile…

Every startup founder has a story to tell. Those are the lessons they have gained from the hardship in their entrepreneurial lives.

While it is true that making mistakes is inevitable if one wishes to grow, it does not always have to be the case. There are things, if had been known before, would certainly allow us to step up our strategy and leave us time for “more advanced” mistakes.

We have collected some interesting yet realistic tips from famous entrepreneurs, save them somewhere in your mind so that when life gives you the same problem, you are all prepped…

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A team encounters countless problems when executing a project or developing a product. However, not every team successfully learn from their challenges and make improvements.

Although it is not a ticket to a problem-free working process, Agile has given us a natural mechanism to solve common problems more effectively and save valuable resources for teams as well as stakeholders.

This article will look at 4 common critical issues in project management and how Agile has influenced us to solve them:

1. Communication

We just could not stress the importance of communication enough in everything we do, not project management alone.

Ironically enough…

Holiday family gathering can be quite stressful sometimes, when you meet your relatives and everyone is talking. It can be because of interest or personality conflicts, or even pressure of judgement and comparison etc.

Thus, when holiday season is approaching, besides feeling excited for the holiday itself, people tend to feel stressed when thinking about the upcoming family reunion.

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Back to Agile practices, in case you’ve missed it, we previously discussed about how daily scrums are like our breakfast as we are energized and motivated thanks to the both of them.

Speaking of sprint retrospective where the whole Scrum team…

[Infographic] IT Outsourcing landscape in Vietnam

In terms of offshore outsourcing, Vietnam is among the most promising destinations.

Vietnam always stands proudly at the top of global indexes for Outsourcing: no.1 in pioneering destination in the Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Location 2016 index (Cushman & Wakefield) & #6 in the Global Services Location Index 2017 (A.T. Kearney), surpassing big neighbors like Philippines and Thailand.

Early 2018, Forbes compared the flourishing IT outsourcing industry in Vietnam as USA at the beginning of its glory as a technology hub, saying Vietnam is empowered with a rich resource of tech talents…

Doctors or moms cannot really stress enough the importance of having a nutritious breakfast before you start the day. Similarly, in Agile practice, daily standups are our breakfasts, or sometimes, brunches, and we all love them.

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Source: pixabay.com

Information = nutrients + energy

For breakfasts, they give us energy to function. To Agile worshipers, communicating with the team in the morning feeds everyone with important information to carry out works. That is why every morning, the scenes where teams gather together in every corner of the office is a familiar scene at every tech company.

Grow bonds

By conducting meetings everyday, the teams can build a sense of commitment…

It is now 4.0 era where machines and systems are interconnected and optimizing work processes. It is not hard to see that this revolution is integrating machines and the internet even deeper into human life.

Technology has enabled societies to live with instant and smart solutions. Under one condition: a smart device is needed. And in modern offices, devices and tools present everywhere.

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Source: pixabay.com

Simon Sinek, in his internet-breaking video about how millennials are unsuccessful at work, discussed about the young generation is addicted to devices, spoiling their communicative skills, depression coping mechanism and patience for important things which must take…

Facing an important decision to expand or overseas, every businessman has to consider many aspects to understand the destination thoroughly, foresee risks and eliminate uncertainty, and to ensure that the decision will bring back the most benefits for the company.

Outsourcing in Vietnam has already established its name as the number 1 pioneering destination for outsourcing in Cushman & Wakefield in 2016 BPO and Shared Service Location index. There are more than 3000 new tech firms here with the talent pool welcoming 40,000 new IT graduates each year.

So for businesses tempting to choose Vietnam as their partner in crime…

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