Southpaw vs Orthodox in the UFC

Al McCoy, world champion in the 1910s, displaying southpaw stance with right hand and right foot to the fore.


For 7 of the last 10 years, southpaw fighters as a whole in the UFC have come away with higher win ratios than other fighting styles. Some years the disparity in win ratios were higher than others, and for the last two years (2018–2019) orthodox fighters have had higher win ratios. The data is very much affected by virtue of being an aggregate and can only make a very general statement about the general population of fighters. At best these visualizations can accurately relay that at certain points in time, fighters of the southpaw fighting stance as a group were netting a higher sum of wins than losses compared to other fighting styles. In the future, I hope to answer the question in a more satisfying manner by vetting and narrowing the population of comparable fighters with other relevant metrics such as accuracy, individual record, and overall performance.



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