What I learned from starting of EventNook — 1

I launched eventnook in Jan 2013 with a little hope that I could make something meaningful with a software development skill I have. Now, eventnook has been 3 years and I would like to share some of the things I learned from starting it and running this business so far.

The eventnook has made a meaningful journey so far and we have had privilege to serve hundreds of events over 3 years from a fund raising campaign event for Myanmar flood disaster relief to a major regional show and events such as Singapore Yacht Show with over 14,000 attendees, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s leadership lecture at Ho Rih Hwa event to over 3,000 attendees, etc.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s leadership lecture at Ho Rih Hwa event

1. Create Values

Start-up is about creating values. We are creating something which doesn’t exist yet. If you’re focused enough to create a real value or an asset (even a tiny thing) every single day, it will become something significant over time. It may not be obvious in day to day but when you look it back after a couple of years, it will be something obvious with a shape. I started eventnook with that in mind 3 years ago with one man army.

2. Compounded value effect

Compounded value is very powerful. Little values made every day such as something you got right with a message in the home page, something you got right with your social media campaign today, something you got right with your sales pitch, something you got right with a bug fix, so on and so forth.

All these little things you achieved will build up your base and move your next step easier and faster. Suddenly, acquiring another 10 or 20 customers is much easier than the first couple of customers.

3. Hitting the wall becomes a normal thing

Well, your social media campaign may get easier at the next campaign as you have learned from the first campaign but you will always hit another wall. Whenever your business reaches to another stage, there will always be new challenges waiting for you to hit a wall. It’s like a computer game and every level gets harder and new challenges. Just take them as “Oh-shit” again.

4. Just show up and connect

Well, I literally have no business contact when I started and have no clue how to do sales and marketing either. I only knew I can create a good product. How naive it was! But I always show up and have genuine conversation with people. I would go to events to have a good conversation. Not for the business card! Along the way, I made lots of new friends along with my start-up and some of them really became very good friends of mine. Even a potential customer who chose my competitor service eventually became a very good friend of mine and later helped me to introduce several new customers and partners.

5. Pain killer really sells

In the first 16 months, my business is literally myself. EventNook to serve a major show event with over 14,000 attendees as an online ticketing provider would have be a dream. You need a great sales team or a professional sales person to win such a big event and I’m not such a sales person either. EventNook had the perfect solution for their pain when the opportunity came in and it won the event against an incumbent!

To be continued!