Belated Spore Game review

A game review i wrote some 8 years ago lol

Spore, one of the most hyped pc game which turns out to be a rather disappointing failure. I have no idea what took Will Wright so long to make such a lame game. Spore is so simple even a child could finish within hours, in my case my eight year old brother who loves Supreme commander, Sim City 4 and Sins of a solar empire evolve to space stage within 4hours and bored by its simplicity.

You might want to argue that Spore offer what other games can’t, controlling an evolution. It is true that shaping your creature is fun, funnier when it could utilize any limbs you attach to the body to move. Creature creation tools are simple and straight forward. You can shape almost anything you can think of. The downside is its funny skin texture. It looks like the game is made for kids only. Also mouth and sounds they made are unconvincing but given the facts that other games Will made, the Sims, also sound like this so there is nothing to blame. Music is quite good though.
The first stage of the game feels oddly familiar. I don’t remember the name of the game but it is about a fish in the sea. You have to avoid bigger fish while eating smaller fishes. If anyone remembers the name please let me know. I don’t particularly like the first level due to above reason.
Once you reach the tribal you might think that’s where the funs begin think again. You can’t control your creature anymore and you can’t change shapes or parts any more instead you have to chose your tribe’s uniform which is so lame. The tribal stage is both funny looking and boring you have to repeat the same pattern for over and over again to make allies out of enemies.
Civilization phase. VERY BIG stage I thought at first before the game is released. Once you reach civ phase you might be forgiven for wishing that “Be a good game and give me something new experience”. Sadly god chose to ignore because you are imitating him. Your high-tech cities look like cities from Rome Total War and it is frustrating to see your cities filled with handful of buildings and citizens. You have more options than other phases but they are still tooooo easy and simple. Both building editor and vehicle editor are easy and fun to use but l feel like something is missing may be because of childish texture and shape.

I think I’ve talked enough. Let other players says about the latest phase which is promised to be the most exciting phase of all.
On the graphic front it sits on the fence. Make the game widely accessible by most Pcs like Sins of a solar Empire while keeping some fidelity for high-spec machine, which is obviously not Core 2 Extreme, paired with GTX 280.Overall it is good for everyone who are not hard core gamer. But if you are a hardcore gamer and expect to see combination of SIm City and Civilization, you are out of luck and avoid this game at all cost.

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