[Bioprocess] Of Bioprocessing Pt.1 — Design Language

When someone asks about the meaning of bioprocessing I just keep thinking every time that was my answer satisfactory or not. After all those years into the field I just came into this idea:

Bioprocessing or bioprocess engineering is manipulation of microorganisms and their metabolites within an engineering design philosophy covering aspects of thermal — fluid & biological sciences.

To some, bioprocessing is biochemical engineers work. I doubt heavily on that. To some, bioprocessing is chemical engineers work. I still doubt on that. Nevertheless they are not fundamentally misapprehended. If you are into a design process of a certain biotechnological product, you have to dive into aforementioned engineering fields. Is it enough? -Never!

Bioprocess engineers -fancy title- should consider themselves as language learners. The interpretation of biological phenomenons on industrial scene needs a design language which must able to express these particular happenings in terms of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry. When these worlds collide to form a way of thinking this might be called as bioprocess engineering.

Somehow a polyglot: Thinks in a language, writes in an another, dreams in an another and so on… Speaking of bioprocess design, this is a depiction of intellectual process. Everyone is free to describe this field in terms of their understanding and practice but thoroughly intellectual adventure of creating a bioprocess design is similar to learn (a) foreign language(s).

In coming posts I’ll discuss the thermodynamics in bioprocesses. Cheers & All the best.

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