Taking Your E2 or S3 show to the Simulator

A great way to dissect a show, or learn more about E2 or S3 operation, is to use the simulator.

If you already have a show file- or you’re working on a show on an actual device- you can take that file in to the simulator to use by using the steps outlined here.

Sadly, EventMaster’s “WVP Simulator” is Windows Only- the Mac version of the EventMaster Toolset doesn’t include a simulator.

Firstly, back up your E2 or S3 show.

If you already have a show file (called S3Backup.tar.gz or E2Backup.tar.gz) then you can skip this step.

  • Using the front panel on the unit, select “Backup Config”. This will create a file named S3Backup.tar.gz or E2Backup.tar.gz on a USB Flash Drive inserted in the unit.
Backup E2 or S3 Show using the Front Panel
  • OR, using the EventMaster Settings View, navigate to “Tools > Backup” to save a backup file, which will be named S3Backup.tar.gz or E2Backup.tar.gz, to your computer or a USB Flash Drive.
Backup your E2 or S3 show on the EventMaster Toolset Settings View at Tools > Backup

Next, copy the backup show to your computer.

Copy the backup show file that was created, to the wvp_9876 folder in your EventMaster folder.

This folder is usually located at C:\Barco\Event Master Toolset Rev X.X (Build XXXXX)\wvp_9876

Copy S3Backup.tar.gz or E2Backup.tar.gz file to your wvp_9876 folder

Unzip the show backup file.

Using Winzip, 7-Zip or another de-compression/zip software, extract the compressed .tar.gz. file to the wvp_9876 folder.

If your software has a “Extract here” or similar option, use that.

It’s important that the contents are extracted directly to the wvp_9876 folder, not any other sub folder.

Extract the backup file to your wvp_9876 folder

Rename the settings XML file.

Open the xml folder, and rename settings_backup.xml to settings.xml

Rename the settings_backup.xml file in the xml folder to settings.xml

Run the simulator.

Open the WVP simulator, located in the Event Master Toolset ‘bin’ folder.

This folder is usually located at C:\Barco\Event Master Toolset Rev X.X (Build XXXXX)\bin

Run wvp.exe in the bin folder to start the simulator.

Connect to your simulator using EMT.

Open the EventMaster Toolset software, and connect to the simulator.

If the simulator does not appear on the left hand side after a short while, you can try a manual connection to “ ”

Connect to your simulator in the EventMaster Toolset


Take note that there are two major limitations in the simulator.

Firstly, you cannot see your actual input and output content, as there is no E2 or S3 hardware connected to process them.

Secondly, you cannot upload or create new still images on the simulator- however existing ones that were already in your backup should work just fine.