Our alarms sounded for 9am and we arose to shower and pack the remaining items for our bags to check out for 10am.

Following a quick catch up with the parents we called a Lyft to take us to LAX airport (around 30 mins).

Today is the day we would fly from LAX to JFK to complete the remaining few days of our 🇺🇸 tour 😞.

Today’s flight with Virgin America would last 5hr 45min. However due to the time zone difference (New York is 3 hours ahead of LA) we weren’t due to arrive in New York until 23:55 local time.

After arriving at the airport and checking in we filled out bellies with a Burger King (as we’d noticed this flight provided no complimentary food).

The Flight

Stepping into the plane it was a cold contrast from the blazing heat outside. A lot of passengers (including myself) hurried to throw on that extra layer.

As we took our seats the pilot explained we would be taking off 30mins later than scheduled due to thunderstorms in New York.

He went on to explain sadly the wifi wasn’t working so bad news to the Pokemon trainers but there will be No Pokemon on the plane.

I spent most of this journey shattered, my head crashing into the plane wall as I dozed.

As we approached New York I opened the blind on my window to look out at the starry night sky.

A pocket of clouds lit up a fierce orange every now and then as the Lightning struck. This was an awesome sight to behold and sadly the photo does not do this justice

JFK Airport

Arriving in at JFK we had around at 30 minute wait for our baggage. The service representative over the tannoy system explained they were running a little behind as multiple flights had just arrived due to delays.

After collecting our luggage we walked outside to catch a Lyft. Now… this was not as easy as expected. The roads outside JFK are bumper to bumper with taxis, Lyfts, Ubers and the occasional friend doing the pick job. The sound of horns constant.

The wait for a Lyft took around 20mins we managed to catch a line to keep costs down by sharing with a 23 yr old wall street journalist ($20).

Accomodation – The Renwick

Exiting our Lyft we arrived at our New York accomodation – The Renwick. On first impressions this was a very modern and well presented hotel just a few hundred yards from Grand Central station.

Modern art lined the walls of the lobby, and the rooms were very well presented. The bed so comfy… a much welcome change from the tents we had been used to.

Above all the toiletries were first class, lemon grass soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash left a refreshing aroma in the air every time you washed.

We lay our heads for the night with the alarm set for 10am it was now 3am here.

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