Los Angeles – Day 1 (Santa Monica, Venice / Muscle beach

This morning we managed to get a lie in, being able to check out at 12pm. We agreed with the rest of the group we would meet in the hotel reception at 12 to discuss plans.

After splitting into groups who were staying near each others locations we called out Ubers and made our way to our own respective new destinations.

For myself and Ian we were staying in Hollywood at the USA hostels on Schrader Boulevard.

Now LA is big and traffic is rife. They say there are more cars in LA than there are people therefore expect to be stuck in traffic Jams a lot.

After dropping our bags at the hostel we readied our day packs for the day ahead. We decided to head back to Santa Monica and take a walk down to Muscle Beach. Now in hindsight we would’ve been better doing Santa Monica from the Hilton and left our bags in the bag drop however hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Santa Monica Pier

Strolling along Santa Monica pier we decided to pick up some food from one of the many food trucks that lined the road by the pier. I went for for the burrito with and orange Fanta $10 and was not disappointed.

As we walked onto Santa Monica beach I was taken aback by the sky. The sky was similar to what you would expect to see in an end of the world blockbuster. Huge black clouds engulfed the sky and the moon shine a deep red.

We didn’t realise this at the time however this was the result of a wide spread wildfire that had destroyed 22,000 acres of land and forced 1,500 people to evacuate their homes.

Venice / Muscle Beach

We decided to rent some roller blades from behind the pier from Sea Mist skate and bike ($11) before roller blanking down the beach front along the cycle path.

Arriving at Venice beach we watched the skateboarders in the skate board park, handball players and street performers. The picture shown below shows a skateboarder who jumped the fence on his exit form the skateboard bowl.

From here we went to watch the guys working out on muscle beach. We had hoped to join in however the talent on show here from gymnasts to weightlifters was way above our standards.

After a very quick go seating the rope climbers we put our Skates back on a roller bladed back to the pier as the sun went down.

After dropping back our skates we regrouped with a few others from our tour group before kicking back a couple of beers whilst playing cards against humanity.

After a swift 3 pints we requested a Lyft to take us back to the hostel for a quick change. Refreshed and rejuvenated we headed to The piano bar for a few night time drinks.

The atmosphere was great here, a local jazz band played their own jazz tracks with a crowd in full support of them. No entrance fee for men here unlike some other places however 2 beers would set you back $15 pre tip.

After a swift 3 beers it was time to head home as both of us were struggling to keep our eyes open. A short 5 minute walk and we had arrived back to our hostel.

Alarms set for 9am we lay our heads.