What’s new in the latest Responsive Axure Library?

This post discusses the latest features of the Responsive Axure Library I’ve produced to allow UX’ers to produce rapid responsive wireframes. To learn more about the library contents and where to purchase it visit.

Axure Icons

With the release of Axure RP8 we saw a suite of icons finally make its way into the native widget library. As such I’ve updated all the widgets containing icons to use the built in Axure icons. This means there’s no need to install the 3rd party font awesome library.

A look at the default icons library now available in Axure RP8


In Axure RP8 interactions can now be applied to groups as well as the element themselves. As such, where possible interactions have been moved to the group i.e button rather than the element i.e right icon, meaning users can trigger interactions on larger touch targets.

Group interactions (source: Axure.com)

I’ve also made a conscious effort to improve the interactions on components, all carousels now slide much more smoothly.

A quick look at some of the widgets containing interactions

New widgets

Out with the old, in with the new as they say. As part of this release I’ve cleared out some of the old unpopular components as well as introduced new ones. New components introduced mainly focus on headers and carousels where there are now variants with cut aways which are becoming a 2017 design trend.

A look at some of the new header components

New widget styles

Widget styles allow you to control the control a widgets presentation at a global level i.e change all buttons from red to blue. In this release widget styles have been built into all components along with a style guide showing you styling values. You can now update all of your wireframe styling from one single location. Why not add the clients corporate colours to bring your wires to life?

A quick look at updating global widget styles

New intro guide

Not used the library for a while? No problem I’ve produced a handy guide here to help you get to grips with how to use it.

Feature requests

Any widgets you would like to see added in future releases? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

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