Who is your audience?

Who are you making home videos for?

I figure I have several audiences:
* Me and my better half
* The kids (now, while they’re still kids)
* The kids (when they’re grown up)
* The grandkids (as kids and when they’re grown)
* Future generations

The best way to think about what they want is to think about what you would want if this was you. What videos do you wish your parents had made? Grand-parents? Great grand-parents?

I figure there are a few themes.

Who we are
My kids are in the teen/pre-teen age group, which means their primary job is working out who they are. They watch a lot of YouTube, and they are fascinated watching video of themselves. This makes sense, they watch other people on video, so watching themselves on video lets them compare. Understanding the difference between how we feel and how we appear is important.
The grand-kids will be interested to see us when we’re young. The great-grandkids won’t really know us, so this might be interesting to them too at some point. My great-grand-parents were names and dates and the occasional hand-written letter, I have no idea who they were as people. I’d love to see the home videos they would have made.

What we did
The kids don’t care about what we did last year, but we do, and they will when they’re adults. These are the childhood diaries of their future.

Where we lived
The kids will be interested as adults to look back on where we lived. When I watch old videos it’s interesting remembering what the house looked like, the furniture, pictures, what we owned. Things look smaller. It’s interesting because I remember it slightly differently.

How we lived
When our grand-kids sit in their self-driving flying cars they might find it interesting that we had to control a flight-less car manually. Our great-grand-kids might marvel that not only did we eat food, but we had to prepare it with our hands. My grand-mothers birth certificate is hand-written with stunningly beautiful caligraphy — I’d love to see how my great-grandparents lived.

Make the home videos you wish your ancestors had made.