Unemployment Update

So…here’s the thing. I really don’t like unemployment. I don’t like sitting on my ass and trying to figure out what to do next. I wrote previously that I want to have my own furniture design business, which I still plan on doing. I have been working on things left and right, trying to figure out what it is I am good at when it comes to furniture making. The answer is…not a damn thing. I have the creative side. I can come up with ideas but hey, go figure my lack of experience building things has lead to a lot of halts, scratching my head and fingers in the butt. I say that figuratively of course but its getting to the point where figuratively may become more literal.

I want to do something good. I want to make new things that make peoples lives easier in smaller apartments or studios. So what do I do? I build a damn fish tank stand. Why the hell would I do that? Because I f#$king needed one. But in the process I’ve learned some things. I learned how to cut a piece of wood straight. I learned that a jigsaw is not the “cut all” solution. There may be some carpenters out there that could say differently, but hey, I’m a designer, not a carpenter. Found that shit out first hand, so I need better tools. So I got a miter saw, a table saw, a new jigsaw of course, and some other crap that I hope I eventually use. I will tell you what, I love the miter saw. Oh and I also learned that my fish tank is cracked in several places from being in storage for so long and going through a move.

So here is what I have built so far:

Fish Tank Stand Process

I also learned not to touch a screw after drilling it into wood.

Burnt af

Still recovering from that one. Oh and I built this for Kim after seeing one, not similar, but a pendulum non the less. It was much nicer than mine but not as much character:

left is drift wood found, middle is process of figuring out how a pendulum works, and right is the finished product without the sand

I also want to remind individuals that I am not a professional writer. My grammar is not going to be right most of the time, and I am sure I use too many damn ,,,,,,. Forgive me. I write how I speak.

The fish tank stand is not done. I am still working on the design. So hang in there and I may show the final piece in my next…piece?!

Anyways, back to what I was rambling on about. I have been struggling with that existential question “What is my purpose in life?” or even better, for me, “What will make me happy?” and the answer is, still, I have no idea. After going minimalist, sort of, I quit my job, as I’ve said, and tried to find what makes me happy. The journey is still on. In order for me to fully start my business I need money. Money to buy materials, money to buy equipment, though I have most of what I need now thanks to my wonderful wife supporting me on this adventure. But she can’t support me forever and she sure as hell can’t afford to take care of the house and I. So back to work for me for now.

I know some of you may think it was brave of me to quit my job while owning a house just to find my way. I know many of you, if not most, think that I am really dumb, careless, and thoughtless for doing such a thing and not having something lined up first before I quit my job. Let me just say, I partially agree with both. I think it was stupid, because you’re right, being jobless while owning a house and having your wife take care of you is just sad and irresponsible to say the least, but I also feel that it’s brave to jump out of the norm to find what really makes you happy. Being happy in todays world is a risk. Usually it means giving up everything. But we only have one life to live and I don’t want to wait until I’m 60 to live it.

Thank you all for reading. And if there are any carpenter readers, please, leave some comments and instructions if you can. It would be greatly appreciated.