Pence says Obamacare ‘failed’ Kentucky, where 500,000 gained insurance through the law
Lindsay Gibbs

These conmen are utterly reprehensible, using outright lies, and targeted persuasion, to help push their disastrous agenda.

Bevin, never one to miss a chance to bash the former governor, claims Beshear is only in it to “protect his legacy”. This isn’t about legacy, it’s about what’s best for KY and keeping it’s citizens insured. As for the legacy, which Bevin has been trying to quash since before he came into office, ask yourself why Bevin has been so concerned with it? Especially, when he always purports to deplore politically motivated actions! Is it not politically motivated to try and destroy a former governor’s legacy, simply because they’re a Democrat? There is a long history of, politicians across the globe, removing their rivals and former leaders, once they come into power. Who are those people? Dictators.

We cannot let a power hungry, religious zealot, with dictatorial aspirations, dictate the healthcare debate in KY & across America. His continued lies in regards to the ACA, show that he does not have America’s best interests at heart, and cannot be trusted with the lives & fates of millions of vulnerable Americans.

Is the ACA perfect? No. Can it be improved upon? Yes. We should be looking at modifying the least successful aspects of the ACA, not repealing, and certainly not replacing with the disastrous AHCA. If Republicans get their way, and manage to push the AHCA, or worse (Rand Paul’s plan), the results will be catastrophic. People will suffer. People will die. Rural hospitals will shutter. Kentucky’s economy will suffer immensely, with billions in lost revenue. This cannot be left to stand.

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