How to extract mp3 from mp4 files on Mac.

Mp4 is an advanced version of mp3. You may have lot movies in mp4 or other video formats, if you want to their wonderful music on your iPod or any other mp3 players. You have to extract mp3 from the movies. Or you are a regularly use Mac, but you have to use your PC to get your movies and music as they are available in many formats. The most challenging part is that how can you extract mp3 sound track when you have mp4 video format? There are some music players that would not play mp4 file but can easily play mp3 audio file. In some presentation, you can also insert mp3 audio for your project for presentation purpose. In order to convert your mp4 file to mp3 you can follow some manual steps mentioned below. If you are unable to convert it to mp3 then you can do it with the help of third party software. This software allows you to convert mp4 to mp3 in compressed audio file on Mac or PC, and this provides you the flexibility to play your favorite tunes.

How to extract mp3 from video files

You can extract the mp3 files from the video format by clicking on media option from the menu on the top bar, and then select the Advanced Open File that would appear on the drop down menu. Select the add button and select the video files from the File tab. You have to click on the convert button and type the output path as you require. Then select the encapsulation method, after completion of this method you can convert it to mp3 file format. You can also open the video file by right clicking on it, from the dropdown list, select open with and then choose mp3, and you would see that it would play in mp3 format. If by following the above mentioned ways you are unable to convert play it in mp3 then you can convert it with the help of Mp3 Converter for Mac software. It is one of the most useful software to convert videos of any format to mp3 on Mac. It has fast conversion speed and the best applications to extract mp3 audio from videos.

Features of the software:

  1. Split and Merge Source files: It has a powerful editing option, it helps you to merge several parts into one file and get the desired video clip easily.
  2. Trim the length of video file by selecting starting and ending part of file.
  3. The quality of the audio is excellent.
  4. You can adjust the output quality like sample rate, volume, bit rate etc.