The pinwheel that is seen in the picture is a form of art because it overshadows the color of the jungle in the background and it also creates a good contrast to the dull side of the whole image.

Origami or paper folding is a form of art for me because of the beautiful figures created just by using paper. In the photo, the heart symbol is created with the use of more than 10,000 paper cranes in which it highlighted both the heart and the paper cranes on the photo.

An area in San Francisco was constructed with the use of Lego brick pieces. This photo is a form of art to me because as a whole, the photo seemed like it showcases a skyline view of San Francisco even if it’s only a miniature view.

Grand Canyon is a world-known wonder of the world. Seeing this breath taking view in person made me think how can a view like this be so natural and not man-made. Grand Canyon is a form of art to me because of the different intricate details seen in every layer of the rock formations.

Unlike Grand Canyon, the view seen in the photo above is man-made. This view is a form of art to me because the creator of this view was able to create something beautiful together with nature.