Singer: Nef Media
Actress: Lani Mercado-Revilla
Tattoo Artist: Alfred Guevara
  1. What makes them similar? Different?
Nef Medina, Alfred Guevara and Lani Mercado-Revilla are three similar artists in terms of their chosen professional field. Their professions are all related to art but is shown in a different ways. Nef Medina shows art by singing, singing is art in a way that the person involved is composing the song’s melody and writing the lyrics depending on the artist. The artist can compose a song based on his personal experience or the artist can just do song covers of different singers but with his own twist. Alfred Guevara is a tattoo artist. Tattoo-ing is a form of art in way that the artist can come up with either inspirational tattoo designs or original ones. The tattoo artist may improve on the tattoo by giving it a different feel but with the same design. Lastly, Lani Mercado-Revilla is an actress who started way back. For me, acting is one of the hardest for of art because the actress is not the one who write the script of her role in a certain show or movie. An actress must know how to deliver the role properly in order to make the audience feel the existence of her role. Now that all three of them were compared, I would say that their professional fields are somewhat similar to each other because their professions are all forms of art that the audience or people involve can be part of.

2. What are the roles as artists in the society?

For me, artists are influences and inspirations of the society. They are influences because just like before, Jose Rizal changed the Philippine society just by writing novels. Now, some artists from different fields show their own perspectives and address different issues in different forms of art like songs, paintings and movies. They are also inspirations because they come up with their own interpretation of art just to express what they feel or what they want to say to people. Just like them, people would tend to express themselves in different ways that will also bind themselves together with art.

3. What qualities (as artists) would you like to imitate as professionals in your career?

In my future career, I would like to imitate their quality of being hardworking and having the perseverance of improving themselves. These artists have their own fields and yet they try their best to improve themselves to become the person who they want to become despite of having a lot of competitions in the industry. I hope that in my future career, I will not give up easily even if someone is better than me in my career because just like them, I will step up and improve myself to have a better version of myself in my career.
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