#WriteWithKB: Awaiting a phone call

Topic: Awaiting a phone call

Even though my alarm was set for 8am, I woke up seemingly every 20 minutes panicking that I had overslept. I imagine it all looked like one of those tight shots in horror films where the camera slowly zooms in on someone’s sleeping face and then their eyes suddenly open while a minor cord on a violin crescendos.

Each time I checked the clock on my phone. Then I’d worry that my alarm wasn’t set, even though I also checked this every time I jolted awake. After that, I started to worry that the time on the alarm was wrong - like maybe I set it to 8pm instead of 8am on accident. After confirming that was okay, then I could fall back asleep for a little bit before doing it all over again.

When I woke up at 7:20am and the sun was coming out, I decided to just stay awake. I’m usually not the person that’s constantly checking their phone but I found myself doing just that. I would pour a glass of orange juice and a bowl of cereal and then act as if I’d been off the grid for hours. Work email, personal email, LinkedIn, text messages, Instagram — everything got refreshed. Then I’d go brush my teeth or get dressed, and do it all over again.

After my phone sent me the ten minute alert, the anxiety only grew worse. I kept wiping the sweat from my palms onto the thighs of my jeans. My mind convinced itself that any flicker or reflection in my apartment was coming from my phone. Similarly to how time flies when you’re having fun, time stands still when you’re waiting for a phone call.