TDS is bad. ATDS — when Trump’s faults are always overlooked in favor of criticizing Trump’s critics— is no better.

We need intellectual empathy for our political opponents on guns

Credit: Jonathan Kitchen (Getty)

Suppose that we could successfully—and non-violently—remove the vast majority of “assault weapons” from the civilian population (“assault weapon” here means any semi-automatic firearm, whether a handgun or a rifle, that is capable of accepting magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds).

Suppose further that, if we were to do this, the overall amount of violence—not just gun violence, but violence in general; not just homicides, but also suicides — would measurably decrease.

(Of course, this might not be very likely. …

The sophistry of changing the subject

A common objection to socialism is that it has never worked in practice. Each time it’s been tried — in Soviet Russia, in Venezuela, and so forth — it has led to widespread poverty and the centralization of power and wealth into the hands of an elite few.

The response on the part of socialists and socialist sympathizers is by now so standard that it has virtually achieved meme status: “That’s not real socialism.”

You see, real socialism is incompatible with the authoritarian dictatorships we’ve seen in so-called “socialist” countries. So the story goes.

If you’ve spent any amount of…

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Father, husband, philosophy teacher and grad student, freelance writer (@ArcDigi, @NRO, @dcexaminer), and YouTuber

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