PlyoCare and Weighted Baseball Outage Status (updated 2/4/2020)

Kyle Boddy
Feb 4 · 3 min read

February 4th, 2020:

We currently are out of stock of the following products:

  • PlyoCare Balls
  • Leather Weighted Baseballs

This means we are accepting only backorders for these products at this time and have little to no ability to process warranties for damaged goods.

When will you be back in stock on these items?

We hope to be back in stock by late March / early April to replenish those who have backordered items and for those who seek replacements for products under warranty. Beyond that, we have no timetable.

Why did this happen?

A combination of two factors, one inside of our control and one outside of our control:

  • In Control: Poor forecasting of product demand and negligence in staying on top of our stock levels.
  • Out of Control: Substandard quality of our most recent fulfillment shipment (which we refused to ship to customers) caused accelerated problems heading into Chinese New Year.

The factors outside of our control should not have caused the issues they did, however, and we’re sorry.

The straight talk is this: This issue was preventable, we just didn’t do our jobs properly. And that sucks.

What if I ordered products and want a refund?

We noted that our website was unclear on the items being backordered. We added a top navigation bar and language to every single product that is affected, along with links to the canonical Twitter thread as well as this blog post.

We realize people may have ordered items affected by this shortage without knowing they were backlogged. If that is the case, you can email to receive a refund for missing items, or call into our support line at (425) 523–4030 — hours of operation are Monday -Friday, 9:30 AM — 5 PM, Pacific Time.

What else are you doing to fix the problem?

We are exploring any/all factories that can take rush orders of our products. Unfortunately, we have specialized requirements that are unlikely to increase the speed of fulfillment this time, but it may help prevent issues in the future by having increased redundancy.

We are express air shipping products as they become available from our suppliers to expedite delivery. We will eat 100% of the increased costs for this delivery method and pass none on to the customer.

We are also exploring other options to bridge the gap for customers who have backorders in the system and also need warranty support. We are in the initial exploration phases of this project (which started on February 4th, 2020) and will update customers directly with information as it becomes available.

Where else can I find more information on this?

The Twitter thread that corresponds with this article can be found here — it will also be updated on a regular basis.

Anything else?

Yes: I’m terribly sorry.

Our customers have options to purchase from other suppliers, but what drives our company is our attention to customer service and doing what’s right for the baseball community. Clearly we’ve failed in a huge way here, and that eats at me every minute this situation continues to exist.

I have been pressing hard to resolve this problem as fast as possible while also exploring alternative options to solve some pain points for our customers in the meantime. I will continue to keep up the pressure and resolve to be extremely transparent in this regard by updating this blog post and the linked Twitter thread at least weekly, even if there is no news. Our customers deserve at least timely updates to know that we’re thinking of them.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and business. Your trust in Driveline Baseball is not taken for granted, and I will personally work my ass off on this to make it right. Expect to hear more from me in the near future.

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