David Bowie practice

As I mentioned last week I’d just seen this David Bowie Expo website (here), and wanted to see if I could re-make the layout and the couple of basic interactions.

What I liked was the blocks of colour and how these blocks were placed and created, as they were unusual. Also has it had some nice little interactions that I have recently been learning in Javascript/jQuery. There is a “Buy Tickets” section that once it arrives at the top of the browser fixes itself there to continue with you down the page. Also, the main content section scrolls up to its destination as well as its opacity fading it in.

It was a good insight creating this, and also interesting to read the source and see how they did some of these things in their source. I learnt a few things (!DOCTYPE importance for defining the window height), and practiced some of the techniques I’ve been learning recently.

Left: The original site // Right: My attenpt

I avoided making things I thought were easily achievable or too time consuming, like the contact section at the top or the hover drop-downs, as they weren’t what I was interested in at this point. I also got used to GitHub and have uploaded the project there. So here are two screenshots, firstly of the original site and then my attempt. Here is my attempt on GitHub.

As well as this I stumbled upon a website that I thought may be a good project to re-design. It’s for a freight company based here in Australia. The company is called BoxFreight and their current website could be improved and, hopefully, I can design something better. I’m just starting to come up with some ideas so we’ll se how it goes. Maybe if it’s okay I’ll see if they want to pay $50 for the design or something.

That’s it for now.

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