Haggard Hall — WWU

Comfort, relaxation, service; all things that come to mind when I think of Haggard Hall of Western Washington University. This is an excellent hall that is multifaceted in its purpose. As a student who goes to this University and uses this building personally, I can say that it’s a very meaningful asset to my college education.

Haggard Hall is a building as I stated before has a number of services. These services allow for the feelings that I discussed earlier. The building combines many of the great attributes of the many separate buildings around campus and puts them all into one easy to use place. Also, it must be noted that Haggard Hall has unique assets that are only found within its walls. First, amongst these is the Research Writing Center. This is a place where students and faculty alike can meet with each other and edit, revise, and grow academic work. It’s a terrific tool that can boost perspective, ideas, and conventions into your works. Second to this is the Student Technology Center. Here you can rent out various types of cameras, get tutoring help, have larger scale printing done, and they even will help you edit video and audio projects you may be working on for your classes, or personal enjoyment. Thirdly they have something called ATUS or the Academic Technology & User Services. Here you can rent out various electronics like laptops, microphones, etc, get software support and they have a comprehensive help desk that will help you with just about anything you need. On their homepage their mission statement is “…supporting the effective integration of technology into teaching and learning and ensuring that appropriate campus technology is available and easy to use.” A few other services that Haggard Hall has includes various computer labs around the building that always allow for computer access at any point in you day, various classrooms and lecture halls for the learning aspect of our college career, and a library as well. The library allows you to rent out books for classes or for personal enjoyment, and to also scan books so you can have them in printed or electronic form without actually taking the book away from the library.

Haggard Hall is in the main interest of the student. Its multifaceted purpose is unparalleled by any other building on our campus. The places within its walls fulfill its purpose. Whether being the Student Technology Center, Research Writing Center, Computer Labs, Classrooms/Lecture Halls, and the library, this building is constantly offering help and relief to all that are able to grace its floors. I, as a student of this university highly recommend the use of Haggard Hal on a daily basis. It’s truly in another league to all of the other buildings on our campus.

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