My First Dollar

When I tweeted out that I was hopping online to broadcast my normally scheduled stream, I instantly received a DM from one of my buddies that I play with regularly saying

“I literally checked your countdown on twitch about 5 seconds ago to see when you’re going live hahaha, that’s timing.”

I am always excited to play with him because of his raw skill in the game combined with his selflessness and compassion to teach everyone around him to be a better player. I felt this excitement along with something else that I couldn’t quite identify. It then hit me.

I provided value to someone that he actually took time out of his day to check my streaming schedule because he was looking forward to tuning in, and playing with me. I actually stopped in my tracks and jumped up and down in my apartment with sheer excitement!

When I hopped online, the Xbox live servers were down and nobody could play.. Great. I reset my Xbox multiple times thinking it was me, and was about to hop off.

Then, the thought came to mind of when I have been at work and a certain system was down, we still had to be productive. So I decided to continue the stream and play the story mode that I hadn’t finished. This lead to my viewership spiking to 9 viewers at one point, the most I’d ever had since I started last month, and my first subscriber!

This shattered the fears I had going into this thing. The voices in my head that said I wouldn’t be able to achieve success, I wasn’t good enough to inspire, and that this was destined to fail, all vanished in that moment and were replaced with motivation to continue creating. I learned that my stream doesn’t have to consist of JUST matchmaking, it can be anything, and people love to see something different every once in a while.

I had listened to a podcast from Gary Vaynerchuk talking about how everyone is so focused on the actual numbers of followers vs. the amount of those people who are not only following, but interacting because they’re genuinely excited for what you create.

My first self-made dollar was truly miraculous, but the DM of a player I look up to was the best feeling in the world since I started my journey in Esports on Twitch. The more I genuinely focus on what I can do for others, the more followers become interested and want to contribute to my success.