The Prince Street Pop-Up Park

Kyle Sollenberger
3 min readJun 4, 2015

A summer long community space.

We are passionate about creating spaces in which people can gather and enjoy community. Where better to do it than in the heart of Lancaster PA’s thriving art scene, Gallery Row.

Construction will begin on The Surveyor Hotel, a 60 room urban boutique hotel, this fall, which leaves an entire season to take advantage of the properties existing location and amenities.

On June 5th over 2,300 square feet of surface lot was transformed into the Prince Street Pop-Up Park, a summer long community space featuring Passenger Coffee Roaster’s Airstream Coffee Bar and Penny’s, serving up Carmen & David’s Ice Cream. Passenger will be open at 7am daily (8am Sat/Sun) and evenings on Thursday-Saturday. Penny’s Ice Cream will open at 2pm daily (closed Monday).

It’s incredible to see how things can be accomplished when a community works together. Our friends at Benchmark Construction, Two Dudes Painting, Penn Stone, Bower & Branch, The Infantree, RGS Associates, H.L. Wiker Excavating, and the Lancaster Coalition for Smart Growth have all played a part in turning this idea into reality. We couldn’t be more thankful for their help and support along the way.

Andrew Ellicott, renowned surveyor, town planner and teacher, is the inspiration behind the Surveyor Hotel. His reputation for outstanding accuracy, as well as personal integrity, earned him the opportunities to work under George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. In 1801, Ellicott accepted a position as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Land Office and moved his family to Lancaster, where they lived for the next 12 years. While in Lancaster, Ellicott served as a mentor and teacher for Meriwether Lewis in preparation for the Lewis and Clark Expedition. His other accomplishments include the completion of L’Enfant’s “Plan for the City of Washington”, which became the basis for the capital city’s future development. A portion of this plan forms the foundation of our park.

We wanted to create a space that was intentional and inviting. Something that no longer feels like a parking lot, but becomes urban environment that encourages community to gather. The combination of seating areas, planters, trees, and greenery helps to accomplish these goals.

We would love to have you join us this summer. The park is located at 118 N. Prince St. in Lancaster, PA.

— Kyle Sollenberger & Crystal Weaver



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