Terra, Interconnected. Just a few thoughts of what I’ve found traveling from America to the middle east. Twice.

My thoughts sometimes surface like a scatter rifle (shot gun) but I am trying to get them written down and grow as a writer (which I am not). So tear this apart, build it up do your worst or best it will all be appreciated.


To quantify love is to do the impossible, unthinkable the immeasurable. There is no end, no telling where it began and not a being in between that can deny it. Some call it by different names while other refuse to receive or transmit. Therein lies the problem. How is sight of goodness lost? Obscuring the primordial vision of wrong and right, justifying misconceptions with ideologies that have been printed on pages and in minds for centuries. Controlling, pursuing and destroying. As perception is reality who’s wrong and who’s right? For a baseline I like to think that any harm caused to another being is wrong unless it is in fact in some sort of self defense or protection. Preservation of life is the only excuse for the use of violence.


Is the human mind broken? Or is it that it loses control of itself? If you’re aware of bad thoughts or tendencies but you do not stop yourself is it your fault? For example, say you help someone that is in need that isn’t exactly capable of completing a task (helping an elderly person with groceries or crossing a street, giving a dying child food or water in a foreign country) are you considered to be doing a good thing? If you say yes like most would then you are among the humble and polite. If you disagree and say you shouldn’t take time out of your day for others or your problems are bigger then you have already set yourself on a path to doing wrong. This stems to grow into a problem throughout peoples lives and will end up being the catalyst for a huge explosion later on. Is this person right though? In their mind yes they absolutely are but guess what? This just makes you an asshole for always putting yourself first. From what I’ve seen these behaviors are universal around the world and when these assholes start to find other asshole friends that’s when you get groups of them that continue spreading their poisonous hatred throughout generations usually backing it with unquestionable reason such as some old book or just calling it tradition in which case most would say its ignorance. This sort of control over millions creates a justified violent lifestyle and I’ve seen it tearing the world apart. If you question it do your own research or even go visit some places such as Marjeh, Afghanistan or go to Iraq or Syria. Go stand in Kuwait on the parade deck where Hussein executed his football team for losing a match. Go see the childrens bodies laying in the streets or in ditches with people bathing and drinking downstream. With these types you have to fight fire with fire, putting flowers in rifle barrels will not help now. Sever the Medulla.


In this age of information everyone is held accountable for what they know due to it being right at their finger tips at any given moment. You can learn to play an instrument, speak other languages or even fix your mechanical car issues. I guess this is a Darwinistic world view but how can you not see the world and hold each individual accountable after witnessing the hatred and destruction that spreads so quickly? Patience has worn thin and I hope people realize that you control your mind and emotions and never the other way around. Humans adapt to their environment just like other species can and do, so why can’t that be the same in an intrinsic way? To understand is to transform. So do it, transform. Master your own life. I have come to this realization and I deploy these sort of thoughts in my everyday life. It has changed me and made me better. I treat every situation as I would preparing for a combative one. See every angle, play every card and cover your bases. Think of your self control and behavioral analysis with humans as your training and have it be muscle memory for reaction to action. Here’s a training tip I’ve picked up along the way that is easiest for non combative minds to grasp, it’s called the OODA loop. I believe a pilot from back in the day came up with it. Your OODA loop is running whether you know it or not. Observe, Orient, Develop, Attack. You observe your situation and orient yourself accordingly then you develop your plan of action and execute it. In any capacity if you keep your OODA loop running smooth you can come out on top in an expedient fashion. In turn if you disrupt someone in their loop cycle you have the upper hand, whether this is some sort of combative situation or an argument.


From my travels I’ve found all humans need the same things and for the most part want is coinciding as well. Somewhere between the realization of want and need there is a seed planted that grows into hatred and destroys others for the wants and needs of others. Sadly this is our reality and very few seem to see our world in transperency to get the big picture. Of all of the cliches out there “you can’t see the forest from the tree’s” fits like a puzzle piece in my mind as to how humans view their lives. They just can’t see more than two feet in front of them. My pen is dry for today.