Daily analyze of cryptocurrency 20190731 (Market feedback Fear status)

Jul 31, 2019 · 3 min read
Market feedback Fear status

Market news:

[Filing reveals Bitfinex’s costs to fight with NY regulators]Bitfinex and Tether have spent half a million dollars on finding documents for New York Attorney General office, according to a report by Coindesk on July 30. The two companies have purportedly used more than 10 different communications platforms and over 60 lawyers to do document collection and review.

[Indian police arrested website developers in cryptocurrency scams]
According to CCN on July 31, Dhaval Mavani, who developed the Bitconnect website, was arrested in New Delhi. Mavani was hired by Bitconnect Asia head Divyesh Darji in 2017 to create a website for Bitconnect, which is considered an important part of the cryptocurrency scam case. It is reported that Dhaval Mavani’s case involves 11,000 Litecoins, 2,256 Bitcoins and part of cash.

[One fifth of European cryptocurrency holders are women]
According to coinspeaker, Bitpanda worked with GlobalWebIndex to investigate cryptocurrency holders in 17 European countries. Key findings include: cryptocurrency holders are often young, highly educated, high-income men who work in IT, engineering or finance in European financial centers; one in five cryptocurrency holders are women, 40% of which Aged over 35 years old.

[Encrypted calendar will be updated from time to time]

Encrypted project calendar(July 31, 2019)

EM/Eminer: OKEX The fifth IEO project Eminer (EM) will go live on July 31

HPT/Huobi Pool Token: huobi Mine Pool Repurchase Fund will be in the first round of HPT repurchase in July 2019

ZEN/Horizen: (ZEN) SONM network-based business service raysrend.com will be launched in July this year

SC/Siacoin: The Siacoin (SC) team will release V1.4.2 on July 31st.

Yuanjie /(ETP): July Roadmap: MPC2 Phase in Testing Online Line

QKC/QuarkChain: QuarkChain (QKC) is expected to start the main currency exchange in July

ADX/AdEx: Adex (ADX) will carry out token transfer in July

GNT/Golem: The Golem (GNT) team said that the stable version will be released in July during the AMA process.

MIOTA/IOTA: Iota (IOTA) will hold face-to-face meetings with its Foundation members on July 31st

NTK/NetKoin: Netkoin (NTK) will take snapshots of the held users’ airdrop plan on July 31st

Encrypted project calendar(August 1, 2019)

OKB/OKB: OKEX announced that it will adjust the handling fee on August 1

Encrypted project calendar(August 2, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The Supreme Court of India postponed the cryptocurrency hearing originally scheduled for July 23 to August 2

BTC/Bitcoin: Colorado Digital Token Law will be effective as early as August 2nd

ETH/Ethereum: Ethereum (ETH) TruffleCon conference will be held in Redmond, USA on August 2nd

Encrypted project calendar(August 6, 2019)

LTC/Litecoin: Litecoin (LTC) will halve the second production on August 6th

Encrypted project calendar(August 7, 2019)

TRX/TRON: 100-day countdown omni-USDT conversion TRC-USDT rewards will end on August 7th

Encrypted project calendar(August 8, 2019)

ARN/Aeron: ARN will announce the 2020 new development route plan on the 2nd anniversary of August 8th

Mainstream currency analysis

BTC price climbed above yesterday’s highlighted connecting bearish trend line with resistance near $9,950 on the hourly chart. It opened the doors for more gains above $9,800 and $9,980. Finally, the price broke the $10,000 level and a new intraday high was formed at $9,897.

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