Today, after one of my meetings, a girl who works for my homeboy Carlos Fernandez at a Clutch Studios told me:

“I followed you on MySpace when I was in the 8th grade”.

It was so crazy to me.. still being remembered for something we conquered a decade ago. (which feels like a century ago) The name KaeWun and that amazing logo and creative packaging I had by my marketing team (which Carlos was hugely apart of and designed a vast amount of it) and management team which consisted of one person who later became my brother-in-law, Kyle Williams.

I was at this meeting today to discuss some other business ideas I have and strategic ways to accomplish my goals. It was interesting to me that more than wanting to do the things we met about I more than ever wanted to record. See — large part of why I was working so hard on the entrepreneurial side of my life is because I want to touch people and help people everywhere. I felt like my calling was no longer through music but through other means. This isn’t to say my ideas don’t matter but this girl who still remembers who I am and what I did I have to believe I touched her life in some way when she was young and what we accomplished back then still resignates with people after 10 years.

Thats something special to me and I think today, I was reminded why I did it in the first place, made music, to be a voice.

I thank the young lady today who told me, she remembers me from MySpace when she was in the 8th grade. I now have a need to give you another reason to remember me for the next 10 years.