Gradient Films — Video Production Workflow During Covid-19

What Gradient Films is doing to stay safe, while continuing to create engaging content for brands.

  • We are developing the creative with social distancing in mind.
  • We budget for things like cleaning fees, PPE, and overtime in our original estimates to avoid any unexpected overages.
  • If we’re casting talent, auditions will be held virtually.
  • We hire local talent and crew to avoid any unnecessary travel exposure.
  • From a technical perspective, we will plan to utilize longer lenses to help compress distance, allowing our talent to be further apart in the reality.
  • Creative composition and strategic editing are useful work arounds to help tell a story without showing every moment of a scene.
  • We propose shooting outdoors whenever possible.
  • Anyone coming to set is expected to check their temperatures before arriving each day.
  • Crew and talent will fill out and sign questionaries prior to arriving on site confirming they have not shown symptoms or knowingly been in contact with anyone showing symptoms.
  • When possible we will test all cast and crew prior to shoot day.
  • We’re limiting our crew sizes to small or even one person crews when possible.
  • Providing PPE (gloves, masks, hand sanitizer) for crew and talent.
  • We will have an EMT doubling as a safety officer for larger productions.
  • We assign a designated production assistant to clean and disinfect surfaces regularly.
  • Set meals will be individually packaged.
  • We set up teams and work in shifts to limit the number of people gathering at one time.
  • We stage all crew and equipment outdoors when possible.

Clients can give feedback from the safety of their own homes.

  • We’re providing a safe alternative for our clients to give remote feedback. We are able to live stream our camera’s video feed, in real time right from your favorite meeting app, keeping our clients involved every step of the way.

WBZ’s James Rojas interviews Kyle Couture about the safety protocols Gradient Films plans to implement on future projects.