Three benefits to using Royalty Free Music in your video projects. What are a few Royalty Free Music sites to consider using?

Here are three benefits of using royalty free music for your projects:

1. Royalty Free Music can be used in perpetuity: One fantastic thing about using royalty free music sites is that they offer licenses that allow you to use their music on as many projects as you want and in perpetuity. This is a cost effective benefit for multiple video projects that require a similar style in background music

2. Saves you time: Another reason to use royalty free music is that you can download preview tracks to try out in your project before making a purchase. Furthermore, some of these sites offer minus mixes and isolated stems so that you have the option to use only the instruments that you see fit.

3. Great selection of music: Royalty free sites offer you thousands of choices over a wide range of genres. The best part about working with any of the 3 sites listed below is that they handpick all the music that gets added to their libraries so that only professionally created content is made available to you.

Here are three royalty free music sites you should consider using for your next project:

1. Amazing Music Tracks is a wonderful site for quickly finding premium music at a competitive price. They currently have over 5K premium handpicked tracks (with more added all the time) broken down into 32 main genres and over 300 sub genres. Another big bonus about Amazing Music Tracks is that they are currently offering a site wide 25% discount on every track in their catalog.

2. Premium Beat is a great place to find top quality music. One awesome feature about their site is that they offer 60, 30, & 15 second versions of any track as well as looped versions of all their tracks. They offer a wide range of musical styles and the music is hand picked to assure quality.

3. Neo Sounds is a great site for organizing your favorite tracks in playlists and browsing for music using search criteria including music styles, moods/emotions, production genres, and instrumentation. Additionally, they offer a variety of different edits and versions of their tracks.