Flight Attendant Loses Marbles After No Passengers Listen To Safety Briefing

Shocked passengers aboard flight JQ-176

What first seemed to be a normal routine Monday morning flight from Melbourne to Sydney ended in the upmost dramatic circumstances when flight attendant Kevin Grimms went on a profanity rampage targeted at all the passengers aboard flight JQ-176.

The once night shift radio presenter spoke to the media this afternoon justifying his actions, “The only reason I took the job as a flight attendant was to get a bit of attention, it’s an expectation that everyone listens for a couple of minutes before we take off.”

Passengers were left bemused and dumb founded as Kevin ran down the aisles in his life jacket yelling “TURN YA BLOODY PHONES TO FLIGHT MODE AND LISTEN TO ME!”

Flight Attendant Kevin Grimms

Our news team were able to catch a few passengers at Sydney Airport before they went on to their daily work commitments. Financial Advisor and regular interstate commuter Rebecca Shillington had this to say, “I’ve never seen anything like it, I mean yes we weren’t listening but I take the same flight every week, the safety instructions can’t have changed since last time.”

We approached the airline for a statement but they refused to give any information about the incident.

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