Network Effects in Corporate Data Science


Brett Bivens of Venture Desktop and TechNexus wrote a very interesting article recently on the empowerment loops of products and services, and how they have fuelled the growth of some of the world’s most successful companies. Empowerment loops entail the productivity increases that arise when organisations make participation in an…

Every company needs a data team

This is the first article in a 2-part series!!

Organisational Data Science

Few would argue against the importance of data in today’s highly competitive corporate world. The techniques used to transform this data into actionable insights are crucial to the performance of an organisation. A study carried out by McKinsey & Company reported…

Communicate your data insights effectively.


At Kyso we’re building a central knowledge hub where data scientists can post reports so everyone — and we mean absolutely everyone — can learn from them and apply these insights to their respective roles across the entire organisation. …


Airtable is an awesome tool for centralizing data and running multiple different segments of your business. However, sometimes we can have so much tabular data that it is hard to really grasp week-to-week developments.

‌It is possible (on the pro plan) to build charts using Airtable’s code blocks. Another option…


Flexible, NoSQL databases, which can handle large amounts of unstructured data and can flexibly increase or reduce storage capacity without loss, will gradually displace relational databases.

MongoDB is one of the top picks among NoSQL databases in terms of fulfilling business requirements on fast and flexible access to data in…

The Jupyter Environment

The Jupyter Notebook is a web-based interactive computational environment for creating Jupyter Notebook documents. It supports several languages like Python, R, and many more, and is largely used for interactive, exploratory data analysis and visualization.

JupyterLab is its nex-generation user interface, which includes notebooks. It has a modular structure, where…


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