Demo of Diablo Immortal’s Fan Reaction Sentiments with Microsoft Text Analytics API

Testing the capabilities of sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, and entity recognition with the fan reaction towards the release of Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal

I recently heard the latest news about the upcoming version of Diablo Immortal, a mobile version of the an action role-playing hack and slash video game developed by Blizzard. In fact, I first played the PC version of Diablo in 2000s, one of the all-time popular games of 2000s, and I enjoyed so much that I could finish five acts in few weeks. (I recalled that I played as the Necromancer. Cast the summoning skills, raise skeletons, create golems, and resurrect dead monsters to fight the creatures).

However, in the BlizzCon 2018, the annoucement of Diablo: Immortal seemed to spur negative reactions and disappointed fans who were hoping to see Diablo 4…

Figure 1: Diablo Immortal Blizzard, Source: Here’s How This ‘Diablo Immortal’ Mess Could Have Been Avoided (Forbes, 2018)

Now that we know the context of the story, let’s proceed to evaluate the fan reaction texts with Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Microsoft Text Analytics API

Figure 2: Microsoft AI School is the one of the best places to tailor a learning pathway in machine learning and artificial intelligence. For the Demo of Text analytics, please go to:

Text analysis can mean different things, but in Cognitive Services, the Text Analytics API provides four types of analysis: 1.) sentiment analysis 2.) key phrase extraction 3.) language detection 4.) entity recognition.

The Text Analytics API is a cloud-based service that provides advanced natural language processing over raw text, and includes four main functions: sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, language detection, and entity linking.
The API is backed by resources in Microsoft Cognitive Services, a collection of machine learning and AI algorithms in the cloud, readily consumable in your development projects.

To use the service, you first need to feed in the sample text. In this case, I will use the sample text of fan reaction found in “Diablo: Immortal broke the unspoken rules of Blizzard, and BlizzCon”, and quote:

Figure 3: The Quote Found in “Diablo: Immortal broke the unspoken rules of Blizzard, and BlizzCon”, Source:

Example 1: the fan reaction is evaluated to have a negative sentiment!

Example 2: Mark Kern, former Diablo II Producer, shared his opinion on the Diablo Immortal backlash that a large portion of the fanbase expressed after the reveal at BlizzCon 2018. (the statement is from “Diablo II Producer Says Diablo Immortal Is Blizzard Not Understanding Gamers Anymore”)

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