IF you have social media in any form whatsoever you probably have a hard time fitting in, if this is true often times you will wonder how it is possible. Amazingly enough you may be the complete opposite. I’ve seen people that I know personally “become something” on social media when in reality if they walked into a room absolutely nobody would move a muscle to greet them. Social media is one of the biggest influences in the world. Kids are being raised by the mindless fake deep opinions of others. Retweets and hashtags hasmade us think less and blend more. less originality and more groupthink. I encourage you to remind yourself what you think is okay. What you believe is okay. Don’t sacrifice your original thoughts for “groupthink” we all know that friend that you see their timeline and say to yourself “here they go again” social media has taught us how to blend in with the majority. Think about it, if the general consensus is “red glasses are cool” and you happen to think red glasses look stupid, You post that contrary thought and will immediately get bombarded by the groupthink brigade. That will cause you next time to be hesitate about your original opinion. The saddest part is most times the ones on social media with the loudest voices are the most bitter,sad and lonely. Stay true to yourself use social media wisely and never give in to the groupthink Brigade.