Preston Diversity inspires Artist to make a change

A Preston-based artist and illustrator, Hannah Cobb, was inspired to begin a project about diversity in the area and what the meaning of ‘HOME’ is to those who have lived outside of the UK.

The project began about a month ago after Hannah was inspired by noticing the amount of diversity in Preston as she was walking through the streets.

Hannah also volunteered to help at St John’s Minster in Preston at a Preston City of Sanctuary event in early March which acted as a catalyst for beginning this project.

The project is made up of a number of short illustrated interviews with members of the public who have lived or were born in countries outside of the UK.

Hannah has asked volunteers to send a photograph along with their name, age, occupation, place of birth and country they have lived in. Though she appreciates anyone who would rather remain anonymous.

The aim of the project is to increase positive attitudes towards diversity and to protest the ‘Us vs. Them’ attitude which is evident in society and the media today.

Hannah hopes that the project will be ongoing and will help to aid the problems faced in society.

She thinks that society still has room for improvement and people still need to open their eyes to the fact that refugees and asylum seekers are people who deserve the same rights as everyone else.

If you want to get involved in the project and volunteer your story to help raise awareness for this ongoing problem, you can do so by visiting her Facebook page and sending her a message.