I wrote a book.

It’s about building community products.

A small book I’ve been working on, “On Building Community Products”, is available for sale starting right now.

Its format is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time now; I sourced literally hundreds of questions from fellow Internet denizens who wanted to know something about building the Forrst community, launching Tinyproj, general product design, or anything else I’ve gotten into over the years.

This whole process, which I chose to do mostly D.I.Y. (basically everything except the payment platform) has been a blast from start to finish. Something like 200 questions were submitted; I distilled them down into about thirty of the best, and have been working diligently to answer them honestly and openly. I hope that folks come away from the book having learned something new from my experiences.

So, without further ado, I’d be honored if you’d purchase the book and have a read. It’s just $14 and available on Gumroad here.

I’d also like to extend a hearty thanks for everyone who submitted a question; it was certainly tricky picking the best of ‘em.

(And if you’re interested, I answered some more questions at the bottom of this post.)


So, this whole thing is a big Q&A?

Yep. Each page asks a question (which was submitted by someone just like you!), which I answer in a few paragraphs.

Why’s it so expensive? $other_book is only $price!

I think it’s fairly priced for a book about what I’ve experienced over the the past 5+ years building a couple somewhat well-known community products. I hope you’ll agree.

Why’s it so short?

My goal was to stick to one thoughtfully-answered question per page, and to release something you could easily read in a few commutes.

Do you have more answers somewhere?

Indeed I do. There were many that didn’t make it into this book, but I’d love to release a Part 2 sometime.

Will you provide updates to the book?

Sure will. If you (or I) find an issue, I’ll try to release a fix quickly.

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