Kyle Brauer

Jan 7, 2021

3 min read



NOVACAINE is the brainchild of Jarvae , Creative Director and Fashion Stylist for Celebrities. This high quality fashion is a fresh and new brand with heavy influence from the west side of Atlanta,Ga. That also is where Jarvae is born and raised , he saids “the south plays a major part in Novacaine’s Creation”.But why is this brand spreading like wildfire?

NOVACAINE is an Atlanta based brand which represents the struggles of society we’ve become numb to through creative expression.

These threads are geared towards a younger art and street luxury culture. This particular vibe is available exclusively through online and select stores.

Top quality material manufactured in Japan and the US ensures that each cotton tee is 100% , 100% denim pieces and signature fleece hoodie brand is produced with care and precision. With the infamous rhinestones picked out one by one. So that the customer is always wearing new diamonds! No wonder you can see these hoodies feet away!

NOVACAINE’s c/o Jarvae hopes the brand leaves a legacy of resilience. No matter what you are up against in the world, you can always alter your reality with creativity.

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Written by: Candis McDow

Published by: Kyle Brauer

INSTAGRAM: @jarvae1 & @thenovacaineshowroom