Net of Being by Alex Grey – We’re all interconnected by the galaxies that created us. Knowledge coming down from the top, connecting us down at the bottom.

Alex & Allyson Grey on our natural inclination to be creative.

How creativity guides us toward our purpose.

We were each born with an incredible gift — the ability to create.

We are each artists in our own way.

Our lives are our canvas — every choice we make is another stroke in building the complete image. Our lives are a story where our artistry unfolds the plot and story arc.

We are so sensitive to nuances in color, designs and music — each one directly affecting our feelings and actions. Are you surrounding yourself with inspiration?

Are you creating every day?

The philosophy that Allyson and Alex Grey share with the world is that creativity is a spiritual practice.

With all the chaos between warring religions and philosophies – their belief system is what Ken Wilbur calls Integral. This worldview (i’ll go in depth in another piece) is inclusive of all other belief systems and accepts them as partial, but not whole — we all have something to learn from one another.

This is why Alex paints everything from Cannabis Goddesses to Buddhas. He’s inspired by the act of creation itself and believes that when we act creatively, channeling something into this world, we’re connecting to the same energy that created us.

Creation is a divine act.

Cosmic Artist – Alex Grey

Today’s piece is inspired by a poem by Alex called, “The Inner Artist,” which talks about how our artist is what guides us toward our purpose or soul’s emergence. When we are where we are supposed to be, doing what we’re supposed to be doing, it brings out our most authentic self.

By no means is this an easy task.

As Alex begins, “The inner artists is not the voice of reason. The inner artist can have wild and impossible ideas…The inner artist is not the voice of comfort.”

He continues on to say that when we relinquish our ego and begin to channel that creative energy (like when you close your eyes and the pen moves somewhere, somehow) – we are most ourselves.

The inner artist is what gets us up in the morning. It’s the passion that drives us to move forward and inspire others.

“The artist challenges us to work at the peak of our potential and guides us toward greater beauty, meaning, and love.” — Alex Grey

It comes to me as a hunger. When I know i’m not being fulfilled by my work and where it is propelling me, I feel as empty as when I haven’t eaten.

The inner artist is not only sensitive, but takes action to make each project, and life itself, into a beautiful meaningful creation.

Alex also mentions how important community prosperity is for the inner artist who finds “inventive ways of sharing gifts, inviting relationships and participation in life.”

Our inner artists surrender to this creativity, combining both the mystic (trusting what we feel) and the engineer (trusting what we know) to form.

He finishes with the line:

“Listen to the inner artist and begin your Magnum Opus.” — Alex Grey

Are you curating your natural inclination to creation in the best way for your own life? Are your actions leading you toward your purpose?

Remember, we are all artists, so get out there and create your life.

These quotes were taken from Alex’s poetry book, Art Psalms, which is available for purchase here. I highly recommend it.

The Grey’s are huge supporters of the creative community — with a mission to build a place for artists and creatives to come share their ideas and create together. They’re calling it Entheon — and recently successfully raised enough money on Kickstarter to complete building in 2017.

If you’ve never been up to their current museum, The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, for any of their events, I highly recommend going. Its about 1.5 hours on the Metro North Hudson Line Train in Wappingers Falls, NY.

Photo by Lucas Zhao from the Summer Solstice Event

This is part six of my series on Design & Nature.

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