Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

You know what would totally fit with this theory, and make everything come back full circle to boot? Here’s the -real- twist -> Supreme Leader Snoke is Rey’s father… and Obi Wan’s son.

Again, it would parallel the original trilogy’s plot points, if the main protagonist’s father was revealed to be the villain’s offspring… and it would also complete the Kenobi / Skywalker yin and yang dynamic.

Obi Wan / Anakin — light / dark
Snoke / Luke, Leia — dark / light
Rey / Kylo — light / dark

If the subliminal undercurrent to the whole saga is ‘balance in the force’, then this kind of generational duality between Sith and Jedi, oscillating within/among these two powerfully force-sensitive bloodlines, would -more- than make sense for the overarching narrative and the universe — it would fit like a glove. It would also explain why Luke went into hiding, mirroring Obi Wan’s seclusion following Darth Vader’s rise to power.

Final plot twist… Emperor Palpatine was Obi Wan’s father.

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