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Is Obamacare really a disaster? Who will benefit if Obamacare was taken away? I think Affordable Care Act was more like a life saver for people that is living in the United States, including myself, because under this act it makes people feel financially secure and without having to pay for the overpriced premiums annually. In this research paper, I will be focusing on the Removal of the Affordable Care Act because my family also rely on the Affordable Care Act to get healthcare coverage. Without this act, many of the low-income families will get affected and it will be harder for them to make a living. In this paper, I will tell you the reason why Trump might unwind the Affordable Care Act, what would happen if Obamacare was taken away, and what are the solutions or replacement for Obamacare.

How Obamacare Affected Us

For some people Obamacare meant a lot to them, because it kept them financially stable. But our president, Mr. Trump thinks Obamacare was a “disaster”, and it is not able to fix the healthcare system that we have. The Failures of Obamacare by Margot Sanger-Katz, stated “Obamacare’s marketplace and Medicaid expansion make health coverage a good deal for those near poverty line, but those earning not much more still often struggle to pay health plan premiums, and face deductibles that much higher than those seen in a typical employer health plan.” The purpose of Obamacare was to provide full coverage for all, but the way Obamacare operates is that it tends to put tax rate on the high-income classes, and those taxes will be put into Obamacare. There are different types of coverages under the Obamacare, most of them were only offer to families within certain income. Families that exceed the income limit must purchase monthly/annual healthcare plans. That is why Mr. Trump thinks Obamacare is not an effective way to fix our healthcare system, because if people’s income exceeded the income limit, they would still have to pay for a premium to get them covered.

The chart display certain benefits of the Obamacare.

Consequences Of Replacing Obamacare

The insured people under the Obamacare could be working families, where they could not afford health insurance if Obamacare was taken away. In the article, Trump Says No Replacement Yet by Mark Lander, he explains why there are no proper replacement for the suggest repeal yet, “Repeal the law without an adequate replacement-potentially throwing millions of people off their insurance.” Healthcare replacement is a must if Obamacare was taken away; otherwise people will be in hardship, because they will stop visiting doctors just to prevent the overpriced bill even when they are ill. The article The Affordable Care Act Is a Lifesaver by Sona Patel and Fahima Haque had pointed some consequences for removing the Obamacare. Deanna Sorenson a small business owner stated, “If the A.C.A is repealed, I will not have insurance and would take the risk. If something big happened I would have to declare bankruptcy or find a job in another state that provide insurance.” This shows some people are depended on Obamacare to live, when the act is repealed they might willing to put their health at risk just to save the money and spend it on something else, rather than paying for health insurance.

Mr. Trump said he will get rid of Obamacare if he is elected as president.


Without a proper replacement before dismantling Obamacare would lead to serious consequences. In the article, Trump Says Health Law Replacement May Not Be Ready Until Next Year by Mark Lander, he stated why it is not easy to find an replacement for Obamacare, “Mr. Trump acknowledged that replacing former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act is complicated, though he reiterated his confidence that his administration could devise a plan that would work better than the law.” Mark explain the factors that Obamacare so difficult to be replaced and one of the factor was due to the tax portion of this law. When Mr. Trump tries to get rid of this Act, other high-income tax payers think that they will still get imposed with a heavy tax. So, they would think it will have the same effects. The replacement is complicated because of the opposition and pressures coming in from the unions and employers, which make them think replacing Obamacare would never benefit them.


The older and younger generations are replying on Obamacare, because they do not have a stable income to pay for other health care plans. Because of the coverage that is provided under the Obamacare, it had make our life more secured. I still think that to unwind Obamacare was a decision that would change the fate of millions of American, because millions of people will be affects and will not be insured. Since there is no replacement for Obamacare yet. Then who is the one to blame and who is responsible for the uninsured Americans?

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By: Kyle Chen