Why I Became A Designer

Okay! You already know I’m a designer. You might have even stumbled across my portfolio or dribbble profile. Thank you for that! But, you probably don’t know why I decided to become a designer.


As a child, I loved to draw. When my family took road trips or went camping, I always had a sketchbook or coloring book with me. I can also remember my father teaching me how to draw 3D shapes. That was mind blowing! 🙂

As I made my way though school. You would always find me in an art class. Putting my creative thoughts on paper was exciting!


When I was in the 8th grade (1996), our computer lab teacher asked me and my best friend to ditch lunch recess and help develop a course on computer graphics. We were asked to come up with ways to teach like minded students how you could develop art and designs using the computer. We didn’t have much to work with, but we did used what programs were available to come up with some cool stuff. The most memorable program was working with a 3D program that was called Virtual VR (if I remember correctly). It was a virtual reality program that we used to create buildings, houses, and even a giant swimming pool with slides and diving boards. Remember, I was still an 8th grader at this time. We used these models to introduce other students to the program and teach them that the computer was going to be the tool of choice when it came to producing a lot of different products.


It wasn’t until high school that I realized I was onto something. I was constantly creating and needed to decide what to do with my life.

What can I do to always be creative in my career?

There I was, in art class again. This particular class was interesting. It was called Intro to Graphic Design. 💡 I loved this class so much that I knew exactly what I needed to do! I must become a designer!


I’ve carved a path for myself to become what I wanted to be. You know more now why I became what I am. I’m always excited to hear what others have gone through to discover what their career choice was. If you feel like sharing your journey, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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