I didn’t respond to this article request because it was pitched to me as being about the downfall…
Bre Pettis

I would echo what Buck Clemons said. Makerbot had the respect of the customer and lost it. Thingiverse IMO is the most valuable part of makerbot. The hardware is no better or worse than the competitors, but it now reeks of corporate greed in place of the once thriving community. I strongly believe that community is still out there and still hungry.

3D printing and designing is difficult. But with a community to help is so much easier, if you make it expensive and difficult people loose interest quick and there goes your community and business. The value is in the support and learning. it was hysterical that makerbot had a competition for learning tools a while back, your product is a learning tool ….

Look at what they do with 2D printers, they charge an arm and a leg for an ink cartridge and people hate it, they know damn well that they are getting ripped off and will leave that model ASAP. Unfortunately maker bot started out with “cheap ink” and moved towards the proprietary and not even a lil bit better “expensive ink” and the market is now saturated with cheap ink so there is no going back.

Bre, you aren’t makerbot any more, you still have the respect of many of us, learn from this failure, go forth and show us how fantastical the future can be. As they said, you are the king hacker, stop hiding, come show us how great we can be together. I believe in you!

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