DIY LED Umbrella Light

Hey what’s up guys, today I want to share a small project I’ve been working on which is my led umbrella light I’m going to be using to light my some of my videos.

This project stemmed me requiring a better solution for lighting my videos. Before this I would use the TERTIAL desk lamp from IKEA, and diffusing it with a white umbrella which was super finicky. I also used a small little LED light panel, but the light is pretty harsh on my face. But I wanted something that didn’t require as much setting up and had a nice soft light. So I built this: it’s a set of LED strip lights I lined my white photography umbrella with.

Starting this project, I measured the dimensions on the umbrella and made a template for where I wanted to line the LEDs. I decided to line them up with the stretchers that supports the the ribs.

So to attach the LEDs, I made a fabric screen to hold them in place.

With this project, it was the first time I used a sewing machine, and boy did I learn a lot. The sewing machine is actually pretty easy to use, but it takes some practice to get good at keeping the stitches consistent and straight. Also I did not leave enough fabric at the end to stitch the material to make a channel for the LED strips to go through so I ended up accidentally puncturing some of the strips.

I also took this project as a chance to practice soldering, at which took a little while because I chose to use scrap LEDs lying around meaning I had to cut off the broken pieces and re solder the good ones together. Ultimately this was quite time consuming and that’s why this video is so late.

But In hindsight, I realize I don’t really like this warm light look for video, so I might just end up using this for videos I shoot at night.

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I made a video talking about this: