You’ve Probably Been Marketing to the Wrong People

The key to all marketing, design, and customer interaction is knowing who your target audience is — yet a lot of marketers and business owners don’t know how to drill-down to a concrete, defined audience for their business.

It’s time we ask…

You can have a healthy career as a designer even if you have trouble seeing certain colors

AsAs designers, we all use color to inform, illustrate, and inspire. It’s an essential part of everything we do. From color grading to printing presets, our lives revolve around color.

You know who else has lives that revolve around color?


Pilots must be perfect distinguishers of color in order…

What Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Taught Me About New Year’s Resolutions and Setting Goals

Over the weekend, I took my oldest son (he’s 5 years old) to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And while it was a phenomenal film and Miles Morales is absolutely the Spider-Man the world needs right now, that wasn’t my biggest takeaway from the film as a whole — instead…

Reaching Your Fitness Goals is Not a Magic Fix, You Have to Seek Happiness Everywhere Else in Life, Too

Take it from #sweaterdad here, he’s clearly found happiness in other things to be this pumped about an arbitrary number on a scale. (Perhaps a free t-shirt from work or the new Sharper Image catalog)

I had to come to a realization recently that has changed my entire mindset regarding…

How to Get Started with Yoga and the Recovery Benefits for Big Ol’ Gorillas Like Us

Yoga isn’t just for skinny women. As a thicker male member of society, I have found a lot of benefits to recovery and core strength in my yoga routine.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently feeling setback by a nagging issue with my hip. As frequent readers of this…

Kyle Inabinette

I’m Kyle Inabinette, the founder of OA Designs, a branding agency that creates responsive and unique graphics for our clients. I write about all kinds of stuff.

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