5/24 Illinois COVID-19 Update

Here are some daily insights about today’s COVID-19 reporting out of Illinois. All data is courtesy The COVID Tracking Project unless otherwise noted.

There’s been very little change in the reports for Illinois over the last 3 days. This further points to the state currently being at a plateau. There were 25,674 newly reported tests and 2,508 newly confirmed cases. These are both very in line with the past few days. This is, however, a fairly high amount of testing for a Sunday. Illinois is now just shy of having run 750,000 total tests.

The daily positive test rate was 9.77%. Again, this is very close to the previous 3 days and right around the 10% mark that the reports have been coming in at over the past 10 days.

There were 66 newly reported deaths. This is down from the previous days this week, but up a bit from the same day last week. The 7-day average ticked up a bit the last few days, but it’s much too soon to see whether it’s a reversal of the small decrease we’d seen the 4 to 5 days prior.

Hospitalizations were down a bit again, and are now, narrowly, at their lowest point since Illinois began reporting the data on 4/7.

Cumulative charts:

Here’s the link to the updated Illinois county and health region level dashboard.



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