Do the Amish play baseball? Yes, beautifully.

Will liked to drive backroads home from summer practice. The only travel team for him to play on was in Paducah. Earning a scholarship meant driving the 55 miles from Marion five days a week.

It was the first summer he could drive himself. If he stretched each drive to an hour and a half, his Mom would think it was because he was driving slowly. Driving farther and faster on backroads was a detail lumped in with other parts of his day he hid from her. …

First published by Roy’s son, Dale R. McAvoy, in the Fort Bend Star. The obituary is published here with the author’s permission.

“Perfection is unattainable.” The mantra of Roy McAvoy, my father, was as much evangelistic as it was self-permission. As a washed-up golfer, a failed business owner, an ex-ex-ex-ex husband, and as an absent father, Roy rarely needed reminding that coming-up-short was imminent.

For one that loved to give — to fans, to charities, to greedy sponsors, to the women he fell for— it was those he loved the most that that were often left in a showman’s wake…

What is lost when a film about masculinity bypasses locker room talk?

While it may be true that sons inherit the sins of their fathers, Ad Astra, a beautiful, worth-watching film, sidesteps an opportunity to interrogate the patriarchal trope and chooses instead, to play-out Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (Coppola’s Apocalypse Now) at the frontier of our cosmos — the ocean-blue rings of Neptune.

Because the concept is so fun and timely— father and son, tethered together at the edge of the known universe, one wanting to venture further into the unknown, the other pulling back toward earth, toward home — and because the film is as beautiful as other recent sci-fi…

Mary Cain blowing a whistle on systems of abuse at Nike’s running camps highlights the power of Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto.

“After months of dieting and frustration, Cain found herself choosing between training with the best team in the world, or potentially developing osteoporosis or even infertility. She lost her period for three years and broke five bones. She went from being a once-in a-generation Olympic hopeful to having suicidal thoughts.

“America loves a good child prodigy story, and business is ready and waiting to exploit that story, especially when it comes to girls,” said Lauren Fleshman, who ran for…

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Hashing out movies, sports, teaching, and masculinity.

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